VASP – Application Documentation

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Information about

Documentation that is required to accompany the application for registration

Applicants should submit the following fully completed registration forms:

  1. VASP AML/CFT Registration Form (including the specific information and documentation requested therein)
  2. Beneficial Owners Application Forms, as appropriate:
    1. Application for each Legal Person or Other Entity Type who is a beneficial owner in an Applicant VASP
    2. Application for each Natural Person who is a beneficial owner in an Applicant VASP
    3. The applicant will also need to ensure that all relevant individuals proposed to hold Pre-Approval Controlled Function roles complete Fitness and Probity Individual Questionnaires. Individual Questionnaires must be submitted electronically via the Central Bank’s ONR system by all relevant individuals. Applicants should review the Central Bank’s Guidance on Fitness and Probity Standards 2018 before submitting an Individual Questionnaire.

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