VASP – Application process

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Virtual Asset Service Provider application process

Before applying for registration

In advance of submitting a VASP AML/CFT registration form, the Applicant Firms should satisfy itself that:

  • the services it is proposing to offer constitute VASP services as set out in the CJA 2010 to 2021;
  • it is in a position to comply with its AML/CFT obligations under the CJA 2010 to 2021; and

The onus is on the Applicant Firm to ensure that it is satisfied that it is conducting a VASP activity. Independent legal advice should be sought if an Applicant Firm is in any doubt as to whether registration is required.

Summary of the key stages in the registration process

  1. Applicant submits a VASP Pre-Registration Form to the Central Bank.
  2. The Central Bank issues an email to the applicant containing an Institution Number, a Reporting Date and details on how to access and submit a VASP AML/CFT Registration Form via the Central Bank’s Online Reporting (’ONR’) system.
  3. The applicant submits a VASP AML/CFT Registration Form and all supporting documentation through the ONR system.
  4. The Central Bank acknowledges receipt of the VASP registration submission by email to the Applicant Firm.
  5. The Central Bank assesses whether the VASP registration submission contains all required information and documentation to progress to the assessment phase and notifies the Applicant Firm by email.
  6. Where all the required information and documentation has been provided, the Central Bank conducts an assessment of the registration application. Where necessary, the Central Bank will request further information and/or clarification from the applicant.
  7. The applicant is provided with the opportunity to respond to the Central Bank’s request for further information and/or clarification.
  8. The Central Bank will assess the additional information provided by the applicant and notify the applicant of its assessment and next steps. The applicant may be provided with a further opportunity to address concerns arising at this stage in the process (if any).
  9. The Central Bank will notify the applicant of its decision to either grant or refuse the registration.

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